It’s Been 10 Years Since Tom Cruise Made Oprah’s Couch Famous

How old is he, Tom Cruise.


Tom Cruise’s infamous Oprah interview turns 10 on May 23. And while the episode of the show has been exaggerated in the popular consciousness (Cruise never really jumped up and down on the couch, merely stood on it briefly and then did a lot of kneeling), the Internet never forgets.

That’s thanks largely to videos like “Tom Cruise Kills Oprah” and an endless succession of GIFs and memes that cemented Cruise’s appearance on the show in the zeitgeist.

“Certainly, I did not think it would turn into the brouhaha that it did,” Oprah told TV Guide later. She has since refused to re-air the footage, calling the wave of viral clips that have sprung up around it “unfair.”

But it continues to live on, particularly in situations like the one above, in which Wayfair PR placed a couch in Boston’s Copley Square and asked people what would make them…

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