Being just in the now and not in time

This is very interesting.


File:Vintage looking Clock Sign of Möbel Hansson in the Old Town in Stockholm Sweden (6116259031).jpg

I was at an event yesterday where a speaker said that a certain tribe in the Amazon have no concept of time, no words for “week” or “month”. Strange, since we allow these ideas exert such pressure on us. They, on the contrary, do not think of time as a “thing”, or understand the idea of “I haven’t got the time”, racing against the clock to get something completed.  This allows them to relate differently to the moment; they are not persecuted by an idea of a perfect moment, or relate to it just through the thinking faculty; they are grounded in the now, no matter how it is:

If your relationship to the present moment is not right,

nothing can ever be right in the future,

because when the future comes,

it’s the present moment.

Eckhart Tolle

photo arjan richter

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