How about the bearing ability of the Interlayer Storage Shelves?  

The interlayer storage shelve is a kind of storage shelve which is popular with the public. Except for its high storage capacity, you can benefit from it for a long term by a short-term investment. So How about the bearing ability of the Metal Storage Racks? Whether there is an indicator of safety? In this paper, we will give you the answer of these questions?

Four types of layer board, four kinds of bearing capacity:

An Adjustable Pallet Racking has four kinds of layer board, and different layer boards have different kinds of bearing capacity. The most common layer board is the wooden splint. It has the high bearing capacity and its price is alternative. In general, double wooden splints always be put in a layer. The second type of layer board is the steel buckle. It is a kind of layer board with beautiful appearance and its bearing capacity is similar to the wooden splint. Besides, it is more durable. The third one is grating plate which has excellent transmissibility but its price is more expensive than the wooden splint and little things cannot be afforded by it. The last type of layer board is galvanized sheet which always matches with the wooden splint. It has a strong aesthetic property but its bearing capacity is general.

How to choose the true shelves bearing capability from the false one?

Last week, a client contacted us, Nanjing Ironstone Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd and said that they want to make the interlayer storage shelves. He said that he had consulted other shelves manufacturers and learned that per square meter interlayer storage shelf can bear one ton, so 2.0mm galvanized sheet/steel buckle is enough. Besides the price of it can be controlled in tens of thousands. According to the information provided by the client, we make a rough target. Then I reply to the client that maybe other manufacturers could do it in that way, but we Nanjing Ironstone could not do it. We only make high-quality Warehouse Storage Racks. It is impossible for 2.0mm steel buckle to bear one ton per square meter and it need 5.0mm at least. The price is the influence factors of purchase, but the warehouse security should be the focus of our company. Don’t you think that it is worthwhile paying for safety?


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