The Brief Introduction of the Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack is an important type of storage shelf. It is used for storing long or circular material, sheet, pipe and irregular shape articles.The pillar of cantilever rack always adopts the H steel or cold rolled steel, and the cantilever adopts square tube, cold rolled steel or H steel. The connection way between the cantilever and the pillar is always by using plug or bolt. The base of the cantilever is always made of cold rolled steel or H steel. And the connection way of bolting is always used between the base and the pillar of the cantilever.

Cantilever rack has special uprights, matching with high strength cantilever. The protraction of the cantilever maybe single or double, and it has the advantages of light structure and good bearing capacity. The single of the cantilever can bearing up to 500kg. While the strengthen reinforce of Pallet Rack Wire Decking can bearing the pressure between 2000kg and 3000kg. The design of the back tension increases the overall stability, the shelves are easy to install and have complete accessories.

The cantilever shelves manufactures make the cantilever shelves by using connecting the cantilever with the base and the cantilever can be fixed and moved. According to different bearing capacities, cantilever shelves can be divided into three types: light weight type, middle weight type,and weight type. In view of the structure types, it can be divided into single cantilever and double cantilever.

Cantilever is as single-side or double-side. Fixed Stacker Rack has the stable structure, good bearing capacity and high utilization rate of the space. The storage and retrieval of goods can be completed by can be done manually or by forklifts.

Cantilever shelves’ height are usually within 2 meters (such as goods by forklifts can be as high as 5 meters). The cantilever length is within 2 meters, and each arm load is usually less than 800KG.

Combined structure specially fits the warehouse which has small space low height. It is easy for management. Besides, comparing with the common layers, it has broaden visible rang.and high utilization rate.


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