Indians From All Over China Are Flocking to Shanghai to Hear Their Prime Minister Speak

Welcome to shanghai, China.


On Sept. 28, 2014, Narendra Modi addressed a packed-to-the-rafters crowd at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The numbers were unprecedented. More than 18,000 people — either Americans of Indian origin or Indian expats living in the United States — converged on the iconic venue to listen to India’s new Prime Minister. They had been randomly chosen from over 30,000 who had applied to attend. A nearly identical public address less than two months later at Sydney’s Allphones Arena in Australia saw Modi draw another crowd of 16,000 members of the Indian community Down Under, followed by almost 10,000 Indian-Canadians in Toronto a month ago.

The crowd of 5,000 he is set to speak to in Shanghai this Saturday, one of the final stops on his three-day visit to China, pales in comparison to his previous mega-speeches abroad. But it will still be a landmark even for the Indian…

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