Textiles in Hiding

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Deep in the Heart of Textiles

At the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force in Pooler, Georgia, among all the aircraft and equipment, is an exhibit that shows the stories of pilots downed behind enemy lines.  One part of the exhibit is a Prisoner of War camp, with items created by some of the captured men, including a crocheted vest that provided extra warmth, and a blanket stitched with insignia patches, and a handkerchief completely covered with a large insignia design.

Another part shows what could have happened for those who eluded capture.  There is a representative safe house, with hidden compartments and codes in the wallpaper, and stories of some of the people all over Europe who hid the servicemen and tried to get them through to friendly territory.

Hanging on the wall is a collection of small embellished fabric scraps.  (Unfortunately, due to the light-filtering glass, the picture didn’t turn out well…

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