Thread Sampler Drunken Owls

Haha, cute. very much.

Quilt Musings

OwlsIt seems my owls have encountered some difficulties.  Perhaps they have been drinking.  Or have been hit by UFOs while off getting their nightly exercise….Or maybe they are in love?  I am a bit concerned about them.

Though I am having quite a bit of fun with my owls, I have run into a few issues.  Right before starting work on the sampler, I decided to try my contacts again after a long break.  About 2 years ago, I began using one contact as a test to see if lasik eye surgery would be worthwhile. I am very nearsighted in one eye, and my eyes have adjusted so that my nearsighted eye manage close up vision and the other eye deals with distance.  Trying to quilt the owls reminded me why I stopped the contact experiment and did not go for lasik in the first place.  When I use the…

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