The Importance of Keeping Storage Racking and Shelving Equipment Clean  

After the installation of Storage Rack System and shelving equipment, it is then become first consideration to keep the equipment clean. As many people might know, storage rack or shelves cost too much. Any company that wants to reduce its costs, the rack and shelves need to be taking care of.

Nowadays, the most widely used rack and shelves for supermarket are about 165-250cm high and 90-200cm wide. The best showing place for such rack and shelves are in the middle and upper half, which can be called the gold line for display.

Taking the 165cm high rack and shelves for example, the gold line of display lies between 85-120cm high, which is also the second and third floor of the supermarket racks and shelves. It is also the gold line for people’s eyes to see and for people’s hand to reach easily.


Most supermarkets would take most use of this place by exhibiting high-profits products, self-owned brand products or products of exclusive agency or dealership.

Well-designed display of the products on the Wire Mesh Containers or shelves surely can help to increase sales, but the shelves need to be kept clean. Nobody will buy goods that are displayed on a dirty shelves or storage rack. Therefore, it is very important that the rack or shelf being clean. Bear in mind that people is in a supermarket only to buy clean food or other goods.

By saying keep clean, it is not just being sanitary. The goods also need to be kept in good order, should not be damaged. Besides, the rack itself should also be clean, intact, not rusted; What’s more, the price tags must be clean, intact and in a good order. Once a product is found damaged, it should be replaced immediately. Any broken product will not be sold any more, what’s worse, a broken product would help damage the reputation of the brand or even the enterprise. The ground under the rack and shelves need to be cleaned using a broom.

The display rack and shelves should be cleaned with wet towel before opening up everyday. Whenever a dirty stain is found, it should be removed immediately by a towel. The cashier desk, information desk, checking desk and other desks must be clean with a wet towel first and dry towel again. Miscellaneous stuff should not be found on a desk.

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