Benefits of mezzanine rack

The mezzanine rack, or sometimes been called mezzanine flooring or even the Multi-tier Racking, is getting more and more popular among the warehouses, office, libraries, logistic centers, etc. Usually speaking, a storage equipment is only take advantages of the space on the ground, while the upper space is not been used at all. This kind of situation can cause some waste of a company’s money and the profits can go lower.

The mezzanine rack or the Mezzanine Flooring equipment produced by Nanjing Ironstone Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. can get the space used to the most both on the ground and above. Its space utility ratio can reach 90%. By this way, there is no additional money wasted and the profit gets higher.

The mezzanine flooring equipment we manufactured using steel structure so that it has high load capacity. But it is very easy, convenient and fast to install even on the spot. And of cause it is also easy to uninstall, so that you can continue to use it after you move your warehouse. The mezzanine flooring usually has one or two more floors than common racks. Therefore the upper space of the warehouse can also be used to achieve maximum storage rate. The mezzanine rack works even better with small warehouse which have to hold too many goods. For such kind of warehouse, the upper space is often not been used because it is very hard to put stuffs there. Renting another warehouse for many enterprises is also not a good idea considering the rent will be high and more employees is needed to run this new warehouse. The mezzanine flooring equipment is the best way to cope with situations like this.

Steel Structure Mezzanine is one type of mezzanine, flat roof on the top which is fit for big products. Steel Platform provides the opportunity to fully utilize the potential of all the available space in your building. They enable you to create new or extend existing office, industrial or storage areas which can be served by staircases, lifts or conveyors.

Any brilliant company will choose the mezzanine flooring equipment for storage. You can easily have two or more floors to hold you stuffs. There is also a tip for you when you use the mezzanine flooring: on the ground floor, you can put the regular things that you may needed once in a while; and some goods kept in boxes or will not be used for a while can be put in the above floor. In this way, it is very friendly to manage you goods.

Nanjing Ironstone Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. has years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying the mezzanine flooring equipment. The products we manufactured are all of good quality and competitive price. Pallet Rack Manufacturer is more than glad to hear form you anytime you want.


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