Basic Introduction to Storage Rack

The Storage Rack is very important to the modernization of warehouse and to the increases of working efficiency. Thus its market share has been growing higher and higher. With the rapid development of our economy, foreign enterprises have been flooding to the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta together with their advanced management skills and theories.  These foreign enterprises helped promoting the local economy booming and made popular the using of automatic racking equipments in the warehouse.

Racking and shelving equipment is used for storage, based on the 6 primary principles of logistics: packaging, transportation, (un)loading, picking and information management.

With the sustained development of the racking and shelving industry in the year of 2014, the equipment has been used for more and more industries and companies. Besides, more and more enterprises has been entering this business for profits as well as serving more people. Racking and shelving product is one of the main facilities in the storage industry. It is very safe to say that racking and shelving equipment is a necessity of the modern industrious warehouse, logistics center and distribution center.


A Storage Rack System is usually and necessarily composed of upright, beam and steel or wood plate. These three parts are very basic and necessary for any racking and shelving products. You can easily find them in any light duty rack, medium duty rack and heavy duty rack. But as to the super heavy duty rack equipment or the mezzanine flooring rack, there is more uprights and beams been used.


The racking and shelving rack are been so widely used for the following reasons;

  • Three dimensional structured, most usage of the warehouse space, most usage of the loading capacity of the warehouse, expansion on the holding capacity of the warehouse.
  • Convenience of goods loading and unloading, first in first out, smoothly transferable.
  • Goods on the storage racks can be clearly seen, and easy for counting, distributing and transportation.

4、   Meet the demands of storage and management of lager quantities and a whole variety of goods. Made the storage and loading process well-ordered with the help of mechanical loading machines.

5、   Keep the goods in the storage racks and shelves from squeezing each other, decrease the lose of goods, keep the goods in its perfect shape and function rather than got crashed during the storage.

6、   Insuring the high quality of the goods in storage. Some measures can be taken to protect the goods form the dust, or being wet, broken, stealing.

7、   Meet modern enterprises’ pursuit of lower cost, low waste and high efficiency of their logistic and supplying line.


Have reading the above letters, it’s no doubt that the storage racks and shelves has been played a very important role in the development of modern industries.

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